Laotian refugees in Maejoram, province of Nan, north Thailand, 1978

Vietnam boat people on the Malaysian East coast, island of Pulau Bidang, 1978/79

UN election monitor in Nicaragua, 1990

Photography as an art medium

Summer Academy, Salzburg, 1975/6: Doug Stewart, Eiko Hosoe

Workshops at Salzburg College, 1978/9: Schuermann, Gelpke,

Photo exhibition at Goethe Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1977

Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, USA, 1980/81: Nathan Lyons

Photographs of other chapters in my life

Jazz musicians in New York City, 1980s

Exhibition of my photgraphs at UNHQ New York City, 1985

Namibia Independence Concert, Windhoek, 1990: Ziggy Marley

Afghanistan, 1990-2001

Pakistan, 1990-2001

Austrian Hospital in Dahane Djarf, Afghanistan, 2004/5/6

Vienna, Strombad Kritzendorf

to be continued ...